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We are a 10 Year Old Filmmaking and Animation Production House. We help people advertise, promote and grow their brand organically through making beautiful films and creative animations for them. We help companies and organizations by conceptualizing, developing and producing content for them for all platforms. CBS started on an impulse 10 years ago. It was born out of the passion and commitment of the founders. They wanted CBS to become an oasis for artists to come, showcase and grow their talents under the guidance and skilled expertise of experienced seniors of the industry. After years of effort they have been successful in achieving this.


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The objective of Coffee Beans Studio is to create advertisement and promotion materials for our clients that inspire. Using our own definition of “SMART” Goals our mission is to create Simple and Meaningful films and animations for our clients. We want to Achieve this Responsibly and efficiently in a Timely manner.


Our vision is to have the name Coffee Beans Studio be synonymous with quality, uniqueness and trust. The main mission of establishing CBS was to use the latest technology to create impressionable films and animations for our clients & to generate employment for the people of Nagpur in this field, so that people do not migrate out of the city in search of jobs suitable to their talents. The end goal of the firm is to have the world look at Nagpur as a place where quality work is done in the field of filmmaking and animation.




Aniket Sinkar

He is the Co-Founder and Technical Head of CBS. He is typically responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the company’s product to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities. He takes care of all the technical problems the artist faces and develops solutions to improve the artists’ pipeline. He also takes care of how the data is passed from one stage of the film production process to another. He is a unique fusion of an artist and a technical geek. In his own words “Kuch naya karne ka keeda humesha motivate karta hai”. He is always looking forward to using a new technique or a new piece of technology to provide captivating and engaging work to our clients.

Ashita Reuben

She is the Co-Founder and Creative Head. Ashita has an insatiable desire to explore the ultimate human possibility and an uncompromising attitude to never settle for anything less than the absolute best. Using this desire, she comes up with innovative concepts for the clients. She learnt from her own experience how difficult it can be to find sustainable work as an artist. With Coffee Beans Studio she is in a position where she is able to provide artists with a sustainable and nurturing environment to learn and grow. She constantly motivates her employees to try different things and come up with new and unique ideas. Building upon their ideas she manages the marketing of CBS.


Shachi Singh

She is the Visual Effects Supervisor. She collaborates with department heads like- the director of photography, the first assistant director and the production designer to dictate the use of blue screen/green screen, motion control, or any other necessary equipment. With the designs approved, production begins. While the film or television commercial is shooting, she leads her team through all necessary research and development of tools and software. She also educates the team of artists as per the Creative Head’s vision. Plainly speaking, she sees to it that any and all kinds of VFX shots are taken care of both creatively and technically.

Zahra Shakir

She is the Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer at Coffee Beans Studio. Any video-editor is the storyteller because they decide on the end-product the audience sees. In this respect Zahra is an amazing storyteller. She is an avid reader and immerses herself in stories. These stories not only enrich her mind, but also inspire her content creation She creates magic on the editor’s table and has a keen sensibility for colour combinations and font styles, making her designs incredibly appealing!

Amisha Kothari

She is the head of Digital Marketing at Coffee Beans Studio. She conceives an idea, curates the right content to go along with it and then finally helps the designer or animator to create a post for social media. She brainstorms with the creative head Ashita and the graphic designer and their team to make sure that the best quality of work is delivered to our clients. Her out-of-the-box thinking and unique ideas make Coffee Beans Studio’s social media pages look so vibrant. She also manages the organization’s online presence and image on YouTube and LinkedIn. She keeps an eye on the responsiveness of clients to the various posts. She then applies different statistical tools to analyze the best strategy to increase traffic on the clients’ website or social media accounts.

Sameer Dandekar

He is the Director of Photography (DoP). The DoP shapes a film’s visual aesthetic. To create an appealing film the DoP must have a deep understanding and knowledge of camera, composition, lighting and film history. He is responsible for making the technical and artistic decisions related to the film or the shot. Sameer understands this and under the guidance of Ashita shoots the film in such a way that blows everyone away. He is in possession of a great aesthetic sense and shoots the subject really well in order to create a film that is approved by the client in one go.

Our Interns

Sanyukta Bhosle

She is the Graphic Designing Intern of Coffee Beans Studio. She brings to life the ideas and thoughts of our creative head and digital marketing team. With her bubbly personality she manages to finish all the work assigned to her with a smile on her face. She uses top-of-the-line technology and software to bring to life characters and things that the layman cannot even imagine. And she does it with utmost ease.

Deepika Chhajer

She is the newest member of the Marketing Department. She helps both the creative head and digital marketing supervisor generate ideas and sees to it that they are implemented correctly and timely. She lends a helping hand to both online and offline marketing teams by coming up with new campaigns. Her job also includes following the lead of the creative head and contact potential leads and converting them into clients.


Skills – 2D/3D Animation 90%

Animated Explainer Videos 85%

Live Action Corporate Films 90%

Visual Effects 90%

Product Animation 90%

TV Commercials 75%