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Coffee Beans takes pleasure in providing in – STUDIO facility for complete integrated solution in advertisements and promotional needs for any corporate. We deal in the conceptualizing, development & production of animated solutions for all kinds of media. Coffee Beans operates through 3 dimensional (3D) animation, live action films, corporate films, documentaries and also successfully look into the incorporation of 3D with live action segments. We create 3D architectural walk through and medical animations.

“Coffee Beans Studio” believes in providing a wide customized range of services for our partners based on their requirements & nature of activity under one roof.


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We want to change the way people look at Film making & animation. Animation is not only for kids, it has the potential to grab the attention of all age groups if proper content is offered to its audience. We also go the extra-mile to give value to our Customers, Associates, and Community. We are always searching for new ways to refine our existing process and procedures so that we can improve the overall experience for our customers. We are very curious about and are inspired by technology. We are always looking for ways to use technology to speed up our own processes and make our customers lives easier.


Deliver exceptional solutions for our clients in visual form that would add value to their product. Capture digital art & present it in ways that set us as the benchmark in the world of visual communications. Introduce new & innovative technologies in each project we do so that our client’s product enhances when presented to the world.




Aniket Sinkar

He is the Co-Founder & Technical Head. He is typically responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the company’s product to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities. He takes care of all the technical problems the artist faces & develops solutions to improve the artists pipeline. He also takes care of how the data is passed from one stage of the film production pipeline to another. He is a wonderful combination of an artist & a technical geek.

Ashita Reuben

She is the Co-Founder & Creative Head. Besides having an insatiable desire to explore the ultimate human possibility & an uncompromising attitude to never settle for anything less than the supreme best, she takes care of coming up with innovative concepts for the clients. She comes up with concepts that seem indecipherable complex but then helps the team to execute them in an absolutely simple & crystal-clear way thus inducing confidence in the team. She also looks after the marketing of the company.


Shachi Singh

is the Visual Effects Supervisor. She collaborates with production department heads like the director of photography,first assistant director, and production designer to dictate the use of blue screen/green screen, motion control, or other necessary equipment. With the designs approved, production begins. While the film or television commercial is shooting, she leads her team through any necessary research and development of tools and software. She also educates the team of artists as per the Creative Head’s vision. In short she sees to it that any or all kind of VFX shots are creatively as well as technically taken care of.


Skills – 2D/3D Animation 90%

Animated Explainer Videos 85%

Live Action Corporate Films 90%

Visual Effects 90%

Product Animation 90%

TV Commercials 75%