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We are a 10 Year Old Filmmaking and Animation Production House. We help people advertise, promote and grow their brand organically through making beautiful films and creative animations for them. We help companies and organizations by conceptualizing, developing and producing content for them for all platforms. CBS started on an impulse 10 years ago. It was born out of the passion and commitment of the founders. They wanted CBS to become an oasis for artists to come, showcase and grow their talents under the guidance and skilled expertise of experienced seniors of the industry. After years of effort they have been successful in achieving this.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have the name Coffee Beans Studio be synonymous with quality, uniqueness and trust. The main mission of establishing CBS was to use the latest technology to create impressionable films and animations for our clients & to generate employment for the people of Nagpur in this field, so that people do not migrate out of the city in search of jobs suitable to their talents. The end goal of the firm is to have the world look at Nagpur as a place where quality work is done in the field of filmmaking and animation.

Our Mission

The objective of Coffee Beans Studio is to create advertisement and promotion materials for our clients that inspire. Using our own definition of “SMART” Goals our mission is to create Simple and Meaningful films and animations for our clients. We want to Achieve this Responsibly and efficiently in a Timely manner.



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Animation & Visual Effects

Ideas make the world. Animation helps these ideas move faster and reach a wider audience. It is creating its mark in all fields. It has successfully spread into the entertainment and advertising sector. The education, healthcare, military, politics and manufacturing sectors have also made extensive use of animation for the benefit of their products and services.

Animated Explainer Videos

Nothing is too complex for animation. Our well-qualified team constantly works to create customized explainer videos for our clients. It is an amazing way to explain a process or system that is too difficult to explain with just words or pictures.

Product Animation

Animation and Imagination go hand in hand. Every single day the human mind creates something. Our team helps you give a face to all the new and innovative ideas that spring up in your mind. Do not worry if you have something developing in your mind that has never been seen or done before. We at Coffee Beans Studio help you sculpt an image for your imagination and create an animation that showcases your product or service in an appropriate way.

Corporate/Promotional films

Technology is growing and changing at an exponential rate. Presenting and promoting products and services have become the need of the hour. But doing this in a proper fashion still remains of the utmost importance. Coffee Beans Studio builds a bridge between your product and your audience by creating professional and creative films that capture the essence of your brand. Our team of experts put in their combined experience of R&D into creating innovative films for all our reputed clients.

Television Commercials

Television has been one of the most effective media for reaching a wide audience. We at Coffee Beans Studio have been delivering some of the best creatives for clients like MTV and IMEE LED’s to name a few.

Digital Marketing

The world is becoming more connected with each other now more than ever. With this it becomes imperative that businesses make their presence felt in an organic way around the globe. The internet makes this possible for all companies. Coffee Beans Studio digital marketing team uses all social media platforms to promote our clients and their products and services. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and even Youtube. Our team creates relevant content for posts, reels and adverts and innovative strategies for our clients and partners.

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Skills – 2D/3D Animation 90%

Animated Explainer Videos 85%

Live Action Corporate Films 90%

Visual Effects 90%

Product Animation 90%

TV Commercials 75%

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